Log Home Gasket Tape™

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Log Home Gasket Tape™ Closed-cell PVC foam double sided tape for sealing engineered log homes

Log Home Gasket Tape is closed-cell, medium density (8 lb.) PVC foam with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Gasket Tape provides a high performance seal against dust, light, air and moisture.

Install Log Home Gasket Tape between log courses during construction to form a uniform seal between the logs. It is flexible and maintains a seal during seasoning of the logs. Log Home Gasket Tape stays pliable from -5°F to 170°F. Gasket Tape is compatible with Shell-Guard and Armor-Guard.

Log Home Gasket Tape is 3/8" thick and available in widths of 3/8" & 1/2" in 25-foot rolls. Consult your log home manufacturer for the correct size for your log package.

Features and Statistics
  • Compatible with all commonly used wood preservatives
  • Stays flexible from -5°F to 170°F
  • Forms a uniform seal during initial construction and subsequent seasoning of logs
  • High performance adhesive eases assembly
  • Easy release liner eliminates stretching during application
  • Non-Biodegradable for long life
  • Easily conforms to curved or irregular surfaces
  • Will not cold flow

(25 ft. per roll)


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