Earwig Buster

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Earwig Buster
The eco-friendly Earwig Buster catches Earwigs, slugs, silverfish, woodlouse and other crawling insects.

The Earwig Buster targets problem earwigs, slugs and other crawling insects without toxins allowing a chemical free home or garden that is family and pet safe.

For Indoor Use: Place around your home to keep the crawling insects away. For silverfish and other bugs add small pieces of bread, pasta or other foods they may be after.

For Garden Use: Partially bury your trap in the soil or other ground cover leaving the top surface of the trap exposed and the top entry holes clear and open.

Reusable! Wash and refill your trap as in step 2 above adding soy sauce, a piece of fruit, pasta or other foods that the bugs may be looking for. Keep entry holes clear.

Please Note: Each pack comes with three (3) traps. If you order 1 pack you will receive 3 traps. If you order 3 packs you will receive 9 traps.


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