Maintain your Log Home and Save

This Thursday, we will be participating in a one-of-a kind-webinar hosted by Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes. Key topics associated with maintaining your log or timber frame home will be explained and you'll be able to get answers to all of your questions!

Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes

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April 27, 2023

Webinar Agenda

Issue prevention & good log-building design
How building design decisions can help to protect your house, reduce the maintenance required, and minimize future costs.
How you can keep your logs looking new through regular maintenance, at a much lower cost by avoiding restoration and repair.
We explain washing, blasting, staining, and the different situations that necessitate one or more of these treatments. We also detail what you can expect in terms of costs for such restoration.
When do your logs need repair, due to various causes, including weather and insects? How we repair smaller or larger areas of logs and what it costs.
Open Q&A Session
We will take all your questions during our “Ask Me Anything” session to help you understand the options available to you, so you can maintain and restore the natural beauty of your log homes for decades to come.