Woodsman: Smooth Log Caulking

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Woodsman Smooth Log Caulking

Woodsman is a high performance, elastic sealant for general use around your house. It can be used during construction between logs, in butt-joints, around windows, doors, woodwork, eaves, soffits, vents and expansion joints.

Woodsman cures to form a highly stretchable seal that is UV resistant, water tight and air tight. It adheres to all materials including wood, metal, glass, concrete, masonry, tile, marble and glass.

Woodsman is easy to apply using standard caulk application equipment. Its extended shelf life makes those jobs that take longer than expected more manageable. Since Woodsman cleans up with just soap and water, job site labour costs are decreased.

Features and Statistics
  • Eliminates air and water infiltration
  • Economical
  • Highly elastic
  • Longer shelf life
Product Specifications 
Shelf Life 3 year
Application Temperature 40o to 90o
Application Methods Caulking Gun (Air, Bulk, Loading, Standard, Commercial)
Surface Preparation Clean and Dry
Frequency Once
Special Instructions Follow log manufacturer's instructions
Drying Time Dries inside the wall for a tight seal


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Coverage Rates
Diameter of Bead Feet per 11-oz. tube Feet per 30-oz. tube
1/4" 32' 92'
3/8" 12' 41'
 1/2" 8' 23'


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