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Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples
Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples

About Us

Canadian Log Home Supply Ltd. (CLHS)

International Log Builders' AssociationSince opening in 1985, Canadian Log Home Supply Ltd. (CLHS) has been the largest supplier of log home supplies in Canada. Canadian Log Home Supply is devoted to serving the Canadian wood home industry. We service three main market segments: new home construction, existing wood home maintenance, and log home restoration.

Our mission is to help in the creation of energy efficient, environmentally friendly, well built and well maintained wood homes throughout Canada. Canadian Log Home Supply’s daily job is to help clients through their projects by providing helpful advice, superior products, and conscientious back-up when needed.

We are located in Eganville, Ontario, but we ship anywhere! We supply wood home restoration, preservation, finishes, and sealants, as well as products to help you get the job done. Canadian Log Home Supply has been representing the Perma-Chink Systems Inc. product line in Canada for over 25 years.

We hope you will check out the fantastic products and services that we have to offer you. If you have any additional questions or suggestions please let us know. We look forward to getting to know you and your log home.

Everything You Need to Protect, Seal and Beautify Your Wood Home

Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of log home chinking, sealants, stains and finishes, wood preservatives and restoration products. Perma-Chink Systems provides everything you need to seal, protect and beautify your log home and delivers to your doorstep.

Our completely compatible product line includes wood stains and finishes, borate-based termiticide, insecticide and rot preventive preservatives, log home chinking, paint to change the color of the existing chinking or refresh its appearance, sealants and non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners.

With the professional guidance from Perma-Chink Systems, Inc., you can complete any preservation, maintenance, restoration, finish or sealing project yourself.

Perma-Chink also carries a wide assortment of other products to meet your wood home care needs. These include specialty tools needed for stain or log home chinking applications, foam backer rod for sealant application, log home fasteners, log home gasket tapes, brushes, trowels and many others.

Wood home owners have difficulties deciding which product they should select for their homes and have trouble finding out if one product will work with another.

We guarantee that all of our products work together if properly applied. We take pride in ourselves in saying" By the time you discover a challenge - we already have the solution".

We manufacture ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY products!