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Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples
Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples

Customer Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and offer my sincerest gratitude. Our company has the highest reputation for the kind of quality workmanship and attention to detail that our clients require. Cascade Mountain Log Homes log restoration division has become an area expert and Perma-Chink Systems has been a key component in our ability to offer outstanding product and service.

Perma-Chink Systems is the only product line that we recommend to our clients. We have tried the other products on the market, which are specific to our industry needs and found your entire family of evolutionary products to simply be the best. In addition to the exceptional product, the educational seminars have not only proven to be extremely helpful for our crews, but for our clients as well. The feedback has been tremendous.

The expert knowledge we receive from Dan Kavran, as well as his personal service has made our professional relationship with Perma-Chink System a delight. Once again, on behalf of Cascade Mountain Log Homes, thank you."

Kind regards,
Ted Boyd, President

"Dear Joanne and Perma-Chink Systems
I would like to say thank you for providing all the expert advise in selecting the exterior stain and interior finish for our new log home. I would like to say that all the wood products in our home are protected with LIFELINE stains and finishes. We are very proud of the way our logs and trim turned out and we owe it to your products.
Again, thanks."

Jerre and Gretchen Phillips

" I called your Eastern Division office in June to find out about your products. I was pleased to find that I didn't have to pull all the old chinking out, and that your Energy Seal could seal the house. The product was easy to work with and sealed the house like new. I am an extremely satisfied customer. What a great product!
Thanks again."

Carl Strode

"Very happy with your products, they perform extremely well".


" I used Energy Seal between my logs and it is a fantastic product!"

Tricia Dasher

"One of our neighbors has Perma-Chink products on their house. My wife saw their house and said that is the look that she wanted. Soft color without the shine of some finishes. We have gotten many comments about how nice the siding looks. The finish doesn't hide the wood texture but enhances the appearance. A great product that looks great and yet protects the wood from the forces of nature in Minnesota.
Thanks again for the great products."

Richard A. Helms

"I used Perma-Chink on the outside of my log home 10 years ago and it still looks like the day I put it on!"

Wayne Davenport

"You folks have been my (+ my cabin's) salvation!"

Sandra Binion

"I was amazed to find that not only were the products of high quality, the application technically superior and the results beautiful; I was overwhelmed with the level of personal support extended to my contractor and myself by the Victor, Montana Perma-Chink branch. I found the entire staff, and in particular, Joanne Hamlin, to be extremely knowledgeable and eager to assist with general information as well as "trouble shooting" in the field when necessary."

Susan M.Bishop

"So happy to find products that are toxic to powder post beetles, but not us!"

Amy Bowen

"Your Shell-Guard is outstanding, so are the rest of your products!"

Ray Dilettuso

"After attending a product seminar at your Victor location and obtaining valuable information, we began the restoration. Starting with the interior second floor, we stripped, stained, sealed and chinked. The result was gratifying. We next moved to the exterior. Using the "Blaster-Buddy", and the ground corn, the outside was stripped in a day with very little feathering of the wood. Again, staining, sealing and chinking followed.

All the products and tools we used performed just as expected, but even more important to us, the level of service we received was outstanding."

Keith Campbell

"We purchased some of your products for our 18 year old log home. It was pretty dark and dirty. I don't think the previous owners did much to preserve the finish. The Wood ReNew is just amazing! We haven't finished applying the Check Mate or the LIFELINE Exterior, but if they work as well as the Wood ReNew, we will have the best looking log house in the neighborhood.

Thanks again!"

Cynthia Neeld,
Katy & John Erickson

"LIFELINE stain with a PROGUARD topcoat from Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. is the best preservative on the market."

Troy Taylor

"I am writing to thank you for allowing your employee, Mrs. Kathy Murdock, to attend and help us with our April, 2000 spring log home builders and maintenance open house. As you know, we at Steels are very proud to carry your products and have had to date very successful relationship. Your technical support by means of telephone, literature and personal assistance at events such as home shows and in branch seminars has proven to be an invaluable aid to our success.

We are looking forward to another year of sales with your products and continued assistance."

Jan H.Groves, Steels Industrial Products, Inc.

"Dear Dan,
We would like to personally thank you for all your help over the last year with the products your company has supplied to us for our log home. More importantly, the knowledge you provided in the proper care and treatments of our "log walls" was an invaluable education. From the stains and sealers all the way through chinking, you were at our disposal whenever we needed your assistance. It was a pleasure to work with you on our project and I would highly recommend Perma-Chink products and your company service to anyone building a log home. Through the project you learn the importance of doing it right the first time - that in the long run will save you time and money in years to come. Thank again Dan!

Kelly & Chris Smith

" I am one of those that likes to comment organizations that sell products that work well-above expectations---but I always worry that it will be a jinx!!! Since I've gone for close to a year for the entire project and not a flaw so far, I feel safe to now say what a pleasure your product was to use and the results have been perfect so far through the several seasons of expansion/contraction."

Jack Abrams

"I used Perma-Chink on my log cabin in 1981 and it still serves its purpose. I am about to take in my front porch, so I need some more Perma-Chink. I'm glad you guys are still around."

Tim Holcomb

"Dear Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.
About two years ago I laid about 1200 sq.ft. of plank flooring in my house and decided to try your floor product Sure Shine. The wood species were mixed pine, spruce and sub alpine fir, which was very soft. It caused me to wonder if I would need to redo the floor within a year or two. So far it appears I will never have to redo even in areas of heavy traffic as the Sure Shine is holding up remarkably well.

Thank you."

Allen Erickson

"Our log home was built in 1979 and four years ago we had to call back our dealer for help in replacing a few rotted logs (bad roof overhang design system). We had been using various sealents on the market over those near 20 years with no success. Our dealer, Matt Kinlock, introduced us to the product line of Permachink. We have been a believer in your product line since. We have used Energy Seal, Lifeline Exterior and Lifeline Proguard.

Our house had never had the "chinking"; it just had the regular milled logs stacked with the spline, gasket and 2 beads of caulking. With Desert Tan Energy Seal and the Dark Honey Exterior stain, we have transformed our plain little house into a beauty. What a differnce your products have made!

We have been very happy with your products and have just ordered more of the Desert Tan Energy Seal to "chink" the inside of our milled log home.

Thank you very much."

Linda and Skip Hubley

Much appreciated customer support
"I am totally impressed with the service your staff provides to me and to our customers. Of the four manufacturers that Tennessee Log Homes distributes for, Perma-Chink Systems has the best support, hands down!"

Tomi Kyker
Log Home Care Consultant


"Thank you for your quality products and customer service. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with the Perma-Chink Systems in Northeast!"

Colleen Goodridge, President
Goodridge Lumber, Inc.

One constant we have been able to depend on during our building project was the Perma-Chink System products and service. We are particularly pleased with the clear, non-yellowing, protection of Sure Shine satin hardwood floor sealer. Our beautiful Cypress flooring shines through.

We continue to enjoy the color tone of the LifeLine Exterior wood finish in Dark Natural used on the logs. The protection provided by the Proguard sealer is proving to be essential in the Montana environment. The combination of the Lifeline Interior Light Natural wood finish and Acrylic Satin on the interior logs show off the skip peel character of the Lodgepole logs. We couldn't be more pleased with the color tones of our dream home. Finally, we highly recommend the use of Energy Seal sealant to keep the weather and bugs outside where they belong.

We are very satisfied with our decision to utilize Perma-Chink Systems products on our home. Not only now, but for future maintenance. We had the confidence to use the products knowing things were going to turn out right and as planned; easy use, clean-up and great results!

Thank you Perma-Chink, especially the Stevensville staff for all their help, tips and motivation.

The Glazners

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Redmond, WA for a great workshop. The employees at your facility were extremely helpful and friendly. It was worth a trip from Canada."

Mike Hofer

" Tony,
I felt the workshops went great, but I feel you always do a great job at Perma-Chink. ...Keep up the good work. If you and your crew is ever looking for another field to expand to, you could start a Customer Service 101 classes and share your secrets. Thanks for the help when ever needed."

Debby Ullman

" Why I decided to use Perma-Chink on my log house?
I decided that I would pay the extra money to refinish our ten year old log home the right way, but I was not willing to spend money wihout making sure I would get the most for it.

When I visited Perma-Chinks web page I found they offered samples and decided that I would give them a try. I also found some samples at a local home supply store for another well known product for Log homes and another major paint/stain supplier with a good reputation.

Once received I followed the instructions given on the samples for all three companies. I treated sections of logs with all three products and let them sit for over a year, along with the rest of the wall untreated.

(See photo) Perma-Chink's LIFELINE stain are the bottom two logs.

On the Perma-Chink test logs I first applied Wood ReNew, filled the checks and jonts with CheckMate and then two coats of Lifeline EXterior stain on one log and one coat on the other. Once nice and dry I finished with two coats of Iifeline Advance on one log and one coat on the other, and walked away.

Now that the logs have been exposed through all four seasons I have inspected the work and decided on your product. Good product - The samples made it happen. Now the job begins."

Harold & Nancy Abbott