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Free Shipping on Orders over $1000 — Free Shipped Samples — Most Orders Ship within One Business Day — Terms apply

Lifeline Acrylic Gloss/Satin

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Lifeline Acrylic Gloss/Satin
Premium Topcoats for Finishing Interior Log Walls, Mill-work and Furniture
Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Satin are furniture-grade finishes for interior log walls, mill-work, furniture and cabinetry in your home. They have the toughness, clarity and durability of polyurethane without the mess and lingering solvent odour of lacquer finishes.
Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Satin may be used as quick-drying topcoats for finishing sealed or stained wood. Using either brush or spray, they spread effortlessly and evenly. Use Acrylic Gloss for a reflective, high-gloss finish and Acrylic Satin for a softer look. Their diamond-hard finish takes the worry out of watermarks or spills. And since they are non-yellowing, the beauty of your home’s finest wood will always come shining through.

Acrylic Gloss and Acrylic Satin are non-flammable and easily clean up with just soap and water.
Features and Statistics
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Quick drying
  • Excellent Film-Build
  • Won't Crack or Peel
  • Makes Dusting Easier 
Product Specifications
    Shelf Life 3 year
    Do not freeze!
    Application Temperature 40o to 90o
    Do not freeze!
    Application Methods Airless Sprayer
    Fine bristle brush
    Surface Preparation Seal with Lifeline Interior to colour and increase coverage
    Frequency Lasts the life of your house
    Special Instructions Number of coats depends on the amount of sheen and film thickness desired
    Additional coats build additional gloss
    Drying Time Dry to the touch in 1 hour and can be sanded in 4 hours
    Coverage Rates 
    1 gallon  350-600 sq. ft.
     5 gallon 1700-3000 sq. ft.

    Coverage Rate per Gallon

    One Coat on Bare Wood 350-450 sq. ft.
    One Coat on Sealed Wood 600-800 sq. ft.
    One coat on Mill-work 450-800 sq. ft.