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Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples

Backer Rod / Joint Strip

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$79.95 - $377.95
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Extruded Closed-Cell Polyethylene Rod

An inexpensive, yet effective "backing", commonly referred to as Backer Rod. Backer Rod is an extruded, chemically inert, closed cell polyethylene "rope" designed to effectively fill in the gaps between logs prior to the application of Perma-Chink or Energy Seal. Backer Rod is flexible and compressible; it conforms to the irregularities in the log surface. Its primary function is recognized as a median between the log gap and the chinking. Select the proper Backer Rod that fits flush with the logs. For example, 3/8" rod should be used if your finished chinking application it to be approximately 1" wide (for a 6" thick round log). Place the rod in the joint. Be sure the edges are flush with the log surface. Before you install Backer Rod make sure gap is free of moisture and foreign material. Directly place it into the gap using a blunt tool or the tips of your fingers. Apply Energy Seal over Backer Rod according to manufacturer's instructions.

Features and Statistics
  • Closed cell
  • Round
  • Increases R value
  • Cuts material costs considerably
  • Extruded, chemically inert

    Joint Strip

    Extruded Closed-Cell Polyethylene

    Joint Strip is a closed-cell product. Under normal use, it will not cause out gassing unlike bead-board, blue board, or pink board can. Its unique design provides an excellent fit and surface within the chink joint. This results in a savings in material used and improved R-value.

    • It provides a firm chinking or caulking surface
    • Its shape and texture allow it to be easily installed without using staples, nails or glue
    • It repels water. (Most open cell products absorb water)
    • It’s compatible with all commonly available synthetic chinking
    • It helps prevent blistering of chinking surfaces
    • It provides extra insulation against heat loss
    • It comes in a number of widths and it fits a wide variety of log styles