Bug-Tek: residual insecticide

Canadian Log Home Supply

indoor/outdoor residual insecticide

Bug-Tek from Canadian Log Home Supply Bug-Tek is a water based insecticide that is odourless, non-staining on water safe surfaces, non-flammable, and it does not leave a sticky residue behind. It is the only insecticide in Canada that we are aware of that does not contain solvents, alcohol, preservatives, or harmful VOCs. Bug-Tek can be applied to any water safe surface and is safe to use around children and pets once it has dried. Do not use around food or water.

Bug-Tek kills bugs on contact and best of all it is also residually effective. Depending on exposure to moisture it remains an effective surface deterrent to bugs for 4-6 weeks after application. We recommend applying to problem areas every long weekend through the spring, summer and fall.

 1L 100 sq ft


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