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Free Shipping on Orders Over $1000 (*refer shipping policy) | Free Samples & Free Shipping On Samples

Lifeline Interior

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Lifeline Interior Stain and Sealer for Interior Log Walls and Mill-work

Enhance the natural beauty and grain of your interior log walls and ceilings with Lifeline Interior finish. It provides a breathable yet tough film finish that is easily washed, cleaned and dusted. Lifeline reduces the absorption of normal household odours into the wood.

Lifeline Interior is non-flammable and virtually odourless. It will not yellow and lets the natural look and beauty of all types of wood show through for years to come. Lifeline Interior can be used on all new and existing log homes. Application methods and coverage rates are the same as Lifeline Exterior.

Lifeline Interior will be the only finish you’ll ever need to apply inside your home. You may also use Lifeline Interior as a stain and sealer before the application of Acrylic Gloss or Satin.

Features and Statistics
  • A breathable sealer
  • Mold inhibitors
  • Non-yellowing and quick drying
  • Semi-transparent
  • Inhibits odour penetration
  • Cleanable surface
Product Specifications
Shelf Life 3 year
Do not freeze!
Application Temperature 40o to 90o
Application Methods Airless Sprayer
Back-brushing required
Surface Preparation Clean and Dry
Free of mold and mildew
Never use steel wool
Frequency Long life
Special Instructions 2 coats. Must be back-brushed.
Stir every 15 minutes.
Maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks.
1-2 coats depending on desired colour and finish
 Drying Time Dry to the touch in 1 hour and cures in 3 days


LIFELINE INTERIOR Coverage Rate per Gallon

First Coat 350-450 square feet
Second Coat 600-800 square feet


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