UV Boost: Stain Additive

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UV Boost Stain Additive to Reduce UV Damage to Wood

UV Boost is a concentrated water-based liquid stain additive that contains a new technology ultraviolet light inhibitor.

Some regions of the country such as the Southeast, Southwest and higher altitude areas are subject to high intensity sunlight. Over time the ultraviolet light in sunlight darkens the lignin component of wood.

When added to the first coat of any of our Lifeline water-based stains, UV Boost combines with the lignin to delay the wood beneath the stain from graying. Since the concentration of the active components differ, be sure to use the appropriate size for the amount of stain or finish you are using.

Features and Statistics 
  • Contains a new technology ultraviolet light inhibitor
  • No toxic fumes
  • Water-based 
Product Specifications 
Shelf Life 1 year
Application Temperature 40o to 90o
Do not freeze!
 Special Instructions Shake container of UV Boost
Add entire contents to the appropriately sized full container of stain or finish
Shake or stir the container of stain or finish until the contents are thoroughly mixed
Apply stain or finish according to the labeled directions
Any stain containing UV Boost that is left over once the initial coat is applied may be used for subsequent coats. Just be sure to “box” the remaining stain to assure a uniform color


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